December 2013 Club News

On December 30, 2013


News you need today from the Charleston Disc Golf Club. We are planning our Ice Bowl for February 8th. More details including the course will be announced once we can get confirmation of availability. Put it on your calendar. The Ice Bowl is a charity event we hold each year to raise money and food goods for the Low County Food Bank.

Several board members are stepping down this year to make room for you to become a volunteer. Board member resignations from Mike Thompson, Jay Lane, Josh Moore, Justin Jureka and myself (Jonas Card) have all been made and accepted. The club will press on with a smaller board (Keith Grabowski, Jeff Maimone and Tim Flynn) unless anyone wants to step up and help make disc golf in Charleston a success. Many thanks to all board members past and present for all that you do and have done. Below is a message from Mike Thompson.

“Thank you Charleston Disc Golf Club,

As the TD for the CDGC the last two years I had big dreams and expectations for the club and our community. So much was achieved and over the top especially the Ice Bowls. You all ROCK and made me proud to be a part of this organization. Let us all keep up our willingness to give. Community, community, community.

For the past two years most of you have known me as Chuck Town’s TD and I was very excited to be that guy. I do hope that there will be someone out there with the same passion and respect of the players, that steps forward to follow in which are not big footsteps, but ones filled with all the comfort and support that I can offer as well as any past Board Members has shown myself.

Grow and continue to be involved on any level.

YOU the CDGC has made me very welcome as anyone could ever feel. The presidency/vice and TD positions need to be filled. LEAP, take a role. Plenty of members will help. God Bless and Happy New Year.

Thank all of you for your support,
One more time:
Mikey T Chuck Town’s TD
and briefest President”

The club would like to announce our new website as online and ready for everyone. We are still adding content and hope that the new site will provide a window for all those seeking the CDGC. Our members and visitors can use this site to find out what’s next for Charleston disc golf. Thank you to Wes Pickell and Adam DesAutels for helping make this new site happen.

It has been a big year for the CDGC. We held several small club events, a full doubles season, an Ice Bowl, the Summer Sling and the Charleston Classic A tier PDGA event. We had another Ace Race and even a club social gathering. We hope you were able to take part in these events. We would love to do more for you as our members. It would help if you would voice your opinion and tell us what you want. What is missing from the CDGC? Now is the time to step up and volunteer for 2014. Help make the CDGC bigger and better this year.

Happy Holidays and good luck to all you disc golfers!

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